About Us

Back in 2002 Mr. Wulstein set out to respond to two questions often proposed by his clients; (1) "how can I preserve my working capital and alternatively finance my insurance premiums", and (2) "I want to find an investment alternative to my low interest paying bank and fixed annuity accounts, can you help?"

After exploring several possible options to address both needs, a year later Mr. Wulstein and his longtime friend Mr. Kreminski came up with the perfect solution to address both requests; and thus Common Cents Capital etal (“C3”) was created.

Several years later Mr. Streeter discovered one of his clients was an investor in C3 and after investigations into C3 and its Managing Members; he too joined the C3 team.

Today C3 enjoys a stellar reputation that has provided its business owner clients with insurance premium financing services at competitive rates and terms. In addition, C3 also provides accredited investors with an opportunity to invest in our C3 fund which pays our investors approximately 30% to 400% more than the rate of interest which they earn from a bank CD, Treasury Bill/Note or insurance annuity, depending on our interest rate cycle.

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